Future visions

Our aim is to be the go to agency for businesses looking to expand across borders through targeted and smart digital marketing.


No BS, Flexible, Tech loving and all those other good things.


Founded in 2013 our team is 12 people from 3 nationalities who speak 16 languages. We run campaigns in 25+ languages and manage over 2 million ad spend per quarter.

Work and practice offers

Our 2nd summer academy will be held July-August. During the academy you will learn everything there is to know about how to run ads on Google, the Google Display Network, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Bing. This will all be tied together with how to analyze all these different marketing channels through Google Analytics. Last year we had speakers from Google, Bing, our own agency and other agencies.  Applications will open soon. Join the waiting list now at ppc.ee/summer

Why should a student come to practice or work at your company?

Founded by a former Googler and a current Google Certified Trainer we have built our company on training and all of our current employees have been fully trained in-house. Join our summer academy this July-August to get trained in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook ads and yes, even bing ads. Successful participants will be able to stay on as part-time of full-time employees. All trainings will be held in English by our own specialists and last year we had speakers from Google and Bing as well.


Karl Pae,

Homepage: ppc.ee