Future visions

Our Purpose is
To make selling beautiful and salespeople unstoppable.

Our Mission is
To be the weapon of choice for salespeople in scaling companies.

Our Vision is
A world where everyone, everywhere can sell with certainty.


Our values are what make us similar:

You really love the work you do. You don’t just say it, you get real fuel from doing it. You don’t need co-workers or leaders to motivate you. Your motivation comes from a deep emotional connection to your work. You spend, but you also get energy while working. You refuel yourself by working at a task and seeing things come together.

You break your own limits to explore what is possible, and venture into unknown territories. You’re not afraid to do things for the first time or things that others haven’t done before. Instead, knowing you could fail, you still dare to reach for greatness, and end up setting new standards for everyone. It’s okay to fail, it’s not okay not to try.

In spite of your needs or frustrations at any given moment, there are no excuses for ruining someone’s day. You love good days, and you want others to feel the same. Hence, you don’t let yourself or anybody else drag a team-mate down. Instead, there are times when you uplift people around you by being authentic, weird and all.

You are humble, and readily admit that you’re not good at everything all the time. You don’t bluntly apply approaches simply because they’ve worked for you before. You’re thirsty for knowledge and seek advice without any concern for how people will perceive you. You look at feedback from others as input that you can use to get better.

Great things are achieved by teams and you accept that the team is collectively smarter than you. You know that you’re good but personal glory without team success leaves you dissatisfied. In fact, you actively reject personal recognition in favor of team recognition. You make sure that your teammates have what they need to contribute to team success.

When you hit an obstacle, you ask first what you can do to overcome it, instead of blaming others or the situation. You just can’t stand being a victim to circumstances. You come up with options and execute the ones you believe will solve the problem.


Some facts to sum up the world of Pipedrive:
– Founded in 2010
– Over $30 million in funding
– 16 languages & multiple currencies
– Over 140 countries covered
– Over 50,000 customers
– 300+ employees
– 6 offices in 4 countries

Work and practice offers

Why should a student come to practice or work at your company?

Here are some but definitely not all the perks of Pipedrive:
– Award winning employer
– Multinational team
– Global opportunities
– Freedom to execute your ideas with a passionate and motivated team supporting you
– Lots of room for career development as you grow within the company
– Possibility to work with professionals from different areas of expertise.
– A chance to work on a product loved by more than 50,000 companies all over the world.

But in the end, it’s our great people that make us all want to come to work in the mornings


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Homepage: pipedrive.com