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Other areas: Infotechnology


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Company values

  1. Be a team player
  2. Never be afraid of doing;
  3. Take ownership;
  4. Make innovation happen;
  5. Put the customer first;
  6. Have fun


To be the first-choice gaming platform for a global audience.


Always provide a unique customer experience through exceptional and responsible customer care, top class products, innovation and transparency.


Over 350+ people working at Coolbet; over 40 different nationalities; operating on 9 different markets; 1 million customers

Job opportunities

We also welcome foreign students for open job positions.

We keep all our services in-house, which gives us the opportunity to offer a wide range of positions in many fields such as IT (developer, DHW, Infosec etc), finance, marketing, business intelligence customer service and more.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

We have a warm and welcoming multicultural atmosphere where everyone is equal, and your ideas are listened to. If accomplishments and self-development are as important as life-work balance and relationships with co-workers to you, we are looking forward to meeting you! We have highly skilled people you will love to work with and have fun with, as having fun is one of our core values!


Home page: