Derivco Estonia

Future visions

Derivco is the leading development house in the online gaming world.  At Derivco Estonia we specialize in designing and building outstanding quality products and services for online gaming industry.  We believe that constant development, teamwork and great working environment are the keys to our success.


Passion – passion is connected to purpose and echoed in the individual who is sure of their direction and committed to their dreams. The passionate person learns and develops by connecting themselves to those who share their interests. It’s a commitment to think positively about the future: looking to what can be, instead of what is. Ownership – drive, achievement, and responsibility encapsulate the value of ownership. Ownership is seeing a project through to the end, doing what is needed to reach success within our teams and the business. Significant value is placed on responsibility; taking each project, success or failure seriously. One can count on a person who ardently displays this value of ownership. Care – authenticity and connection are the founding elements of care. It is about respecting one another, taking the time to communicate, connect and lead bravely. We recognize one another for our strengths and weaknesses, and in this, support and celebrate each other. Care to Derivco is about our community; it’s about having courage to do the right thing and to lead with integrity.


Derivco has more than 2000 employees worldwide with 115 of them in Estonia. The headquarters of the company are in Durban, South-Africa.

Work and practice offers

Our vibrant team consists of developers, QA, automation engineers, technical coordinators, designers and other IT specialists. If you’re passionate at what you do and you’re keen on exploring your possibilities, get in touch:

Why should a student come to practice or work at your company?

– Interesting, challenging and rewarding work
– Excellent and modern working environment
– Comfortable office in Tallinn city center
– Competitive salary and benefits
– Work in an international team
– Friendly and fun colleagues

Because we’ve got game!


Marilis Aasa,