ARTeSYN Biosolutions


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ARTeSYN® is a combination of individuals with unique traits, but we share a common drive – to empower each other and deliver tailored solutions to our clients. For us, it all boils down to future-mindedness, excellent quality & impacting lives.


We want to enable abundance in medicine. We built our company on a belief in innovation, providing solutions that are much needed in the industry and even addressing gaps in the market for which solutions did not exist before. We do what we do to fight the corporate immune systems and tradition to encourage faster, smarter and more collaborative development.


There are about 100 people working at ARTeSYN Biosolutions globally. We have offices in California US, Ireland & Estonia. In Estonia, we are currently 21 people.

Internship and work possibilities

ARTeSYN is rapidly growing so we are hiring people for various positions in all of our sites. Information about open positions & contacts can be found at

Why should a student choose your company?

We offer exciting possibilities to work in a unique company operating in the field of biotechnology. Working at ARTeSYN gives you a good opportunity to shape the future of producing next-generation medicine. We offer a challenging yet interesting working environment, cool projects & great colleagues. We also have a nice office and lots of fun together. Join us!