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Company values

Our values are to be simple, supportive and effective.

Our vision

Our vision is that people and companies dare to think big and take action, setting high goals and investing in the future.

Job and internship opportunities


+700 Employees, +490 000 Customers, +17 000 Shareholders.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

"Sometimes we think of a financial institution as a place where men in finely tailored suits move between gray concrete walls, carrying briefcases with a timeless cut, from which they take out standard A4s with the text aligned exactly along both edges. But there are also others. Very different. Places where you think for yourself. You decide for yourself. You do it yourself. You also make mistakes yourself, and if you want to dance on office desks until five in the morning, only to start again after a couple of hours, that decision is also made by yourself." One of those places is LHV.


Home page: