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Teemeistri tn 2, 10916 Tallinn

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Company values

We are RESPONSIBLE: We keep our promises. We care about the environment, customers, colleagues and ourselves. We behave ethically. We admit our mistakes and learn from them.

We are EFFECTIVE: We plan our time and manage ourselves. We do the job right the first time. We implement useful solutions that take into account common goals. We can do more together. We see the bigger picture and our part in it.

We are PROFICIENT: We know our specialty. We are constantly developing ourselves. We share our knowledge with colleagues and customers. We are an example to our team.

We are RESOURCEFUL: We are looking for new opportunities. We dare to actively offer new solutions. We will take part in the discussions on new solutions.

Job and internship opportunities

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400 employees

Vision and mission

Vision: Durable, economical and smart solutions.

Mission: We improve the quality of life and safety of people by building and maintaining engineering and technical facilities.


Teemeistri tn 2, 10916 Tallinn

Home page: