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Company values

• Human focus

• Reliability

• Efficiency

• Development

Our vision

BLRT Group is the largest industrial group in the Baltics.


We contribute to the development of our clients’ businesses by providing services, manufacturing industrial products and supplying materials.


The BLRT Group was founded in 1912. The Group has companies in 7 countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Poland and Ukraine. More than 50 companies are developing activities in areas such as shipbuilding and ship repair, high-tech equipment, metal processing and scrap metal handling, gas production, port, transport and stevedoring services, and real estate development.

Job and internship opportunities

We also welcome foreign students for internships.

• Every year, almost 50 different internships for students of many different disciplines;

• We offer both observation and participation practice;

• Possibility to agree on the dates and hours of the internship.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

• A good opportunity to test and develop your professional skills, personal qualities and ability to cope in a real work environment;

• You can participate in the implementation of major projects;

• You will be supported in the daily work and development by the best experts in their field;

• You are an equal member of the team;

• You can consolidate the theoretical knowledge of the specialty obtained in higher education in production work.


Home page: