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Viivika Toode

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Home page: https://favorte.ee

Company values


In our work, we value close and trustful cooperation with our customers. We specialize in creating business premises and homes in a tailored suit. This means that we often have several months with the client to shake up the space solution for a future residential or commercial space. Only by working with the customer is it possible to create individual solutions that ensure coziness and smart use of space at home or that support companies in improving their business processes.


Finding a new home or business starts with the idea. Then a plan emerges. But there is a long way to go from a plan to a tangible result. While everything may seem easy on the head and on paper, real life is something else. You can never successfully predict or plan everything yourself. Fortunately, Favortes has a long experience in making dreams come true. And for us, the client's plan is like a unique vision to strive for day by day. So that the result is even better than the original idea.


Everyone at Favortes knows everything - our 17-member team meets in a cozy office in the center of Tallinn. We provide our people with flexible working hours and places to maintain a balance between private and professional life. We motivate the team with a generous package of benefits and joint events. We are working together to set higher and higher expectations for the buildings that Favorte is developing.

Our vision

We create integrated business and living environments to contribute to the development of a harmonious urban space.


  • Almost 30 years of experience
  • 400 homes sold in the last five years 
  • 130 homes under construction
  • 450 homes in planning
  • 50,000 m2 of commercial space developed
  • 20,000 m2 commercial premises under construction
  • 175,000 m2 of commercial space in planning

Job and internship opportunities

We are looking for a real estate development project manager trainee to join our team.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

Good engineering student!

Come grow with us! These are exciting times in Favorte - there are several development projects underway, which aspire to be among the largest in Tallinn and Harju County due to their exceptional scope. This means that during your internship, you can get your hands on bringing to life residential and commercial developments that are really important to the city and its residents. 

For a successful internship at Favortes, you can:

  • two mentors with whom to dive into real estate development behind the scenes;
  • a decent salary and a full-fledged place in our team with a motivation package;
  • real tasks and responsibilities to create a meaningful start to your career;
  • diverse experiences to get to know different aspects of real estate development;
  • a seat at the same table as the board at team meetings, so that you can share your fresh perspective with us;
  • a fully supportive work family and acquaintances for life.

During the internship you can participate in the implementation of the following developments:

  • Tähetorni Technology Park, which has the potential to grow into the largest business and solar park in the city of Tallinn;
  • Käokella residential area, whose community spreads over 14 hectares and where 173 families and 5 companies have already found their new homes;
  • the new 16,000 m2 business center Kadaka Trade Center right next to Kadaka road;
  • a unique residential project with 334 apartments on Nõmme veerel;
  • Väo Tehnopark, which will expand right next to the busiest traffic junction in Estonia, the Väo traffic junction.

We look forward to seeing you if you are:

  • with good technical skills;
  • a true fan of his profession;
  • eager to learn and ready to take his professional expertise to a new level.

Come and create homes where you would like to live and business premises that help local businesses reach their full potential! To apply, send your CV together with a short cover letter, why you want to do your internship in Favortes, no later than March 31 to the e-mail address favorte@favorte.ee.

Additional information:

  • The internship is paid.
  • Working language: Estonian, English.
  • Duration of the traineeship by agreement.

Favorte is a real estate developer with nearly 30 years of experience. Our development portfolio includes various residential projects and commercial buildings in Tallinn and Harju County. Read more about us on the website www.favorte.ee !


Viivika Toode

+372 55 912 102


Home page: https://favorte.ee