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Tartu mnt. 80D, Tallinn, Estonia

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Company values

Respect – We value people‘s diversity of strengths and weaknesses. We encourage continuous personal development and value individual commitment. We value responsible, goal and solution-oriented behavior. We keep our promises. We recognize mistakes and do our best to learn from them. In doing so, we strive to be better as a colleague and as a person.

Sincerity and Openness – We value a transparent and open working culture, where we perform as a work-family. We can talk freely to each other on any topic. We help and support each other. When something is done well, we recognize each other. We give constructive feedback, help and support each other to find possible solutions in case of mistakes.

Long-term relations – We build partnerships based on trust and cooperation. We strive to always deliver on our promises and for mutual satisfaction. We strive for changes that improve the business of our clients and partners. We work hard and give our very best, so our cooperation will create a positive experience for all parties involved.

Our vision

We inspire the creation of the finest digital solutions.


We have been in the market for 22 years. More than 80 talented people work in Finestmedia. We have 2 offices – one in Tallinn and the other in Gdansk, Poland.

Job and internship opportunities

Finestmedia offers job opportunities in various roles in interesting projects, both in the private and public sectors. JAVA and .NET are the main technological stacks we use. Come and visit our box in the Future Career Fair and let´s get connected!

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

The internship is paid. Each intern/employee has a technical supervisor. Flexibility in the workplace and time. A modern, stylish and well-equipped office in Fahle Business Centre in Tallinn with nice kitchen full of food and soft drinks. A real and very good opportunity for a future job to grow out of an internship. Colleagues are expert in the field. Interns are more than welcome to take part in our awesome events. Brunch on the first day of work and onboarding package. Well-known clients and major projects from both to private and public sectors, such as MakeCommerce, Liviko, Hansapost, Tallink, Selver, Baltika Group, Transport Agency, Estonian Police and Boarder Guard Board, IT and Development Centre of the Ministry of the Interior, Republic of Estonia Agricultural Registers and Information Board, Unemployment Insurance Fund, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and etc. Opportunity to contribute to the E-Government.


Tartu mnt. 80D, Tallinn, Estonia

Home page: