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Other fields: mechanics, telecommunications, manufacturing


Hannela Viigi, Talent Acquisition Partner

Company values

Curious, brave, committed, passionate

Our vision

Our vision is to make digital life easy. This is our way of making a positive impact on society. The ambition is to be a world-class company that manages sustainable IT services and the circular economy. Our way is to change and drive the advent of the digital society.

Job and internship opportunities

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543 employees

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

We are Foxway - the fox of the green revolution. We are the leading circular economy company in Northern Europe. Our fox team has over 500 employees across Europe. Here is the meaning of your work. Through your work, you give new life to your devices (especially mobiles and computers) and increase your positive footprint in the environment. Come and challenge yourself to the greatest challenge of your life!

We are waiting for new talent for our team. Contact us or step through the Foxway booth!


Hannela Viigi, Talent Acquisition Partner