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Company values

  • Striving – we set ambitious goals and implement them.
  • Empathy – we act ethically, transparently and honestly.
  • Trust – we create shared values ​​for our people, customers, partners, community and shareholders.

Our vision

Our goal is to simplify the operations of companies and organizations with the help of innovative technologies and services.


Our mission is to make the world more sustainable by creating trust in society through innovation.


  • Employees:  approx. 400 people.
  • Men vs. women:  unusually for an IT company, we employ more women (60%) than men (40%).
  • Average age:  35 years.
  • Operating in Estonia since 1991: In the same year, Estonia regained its independence and the world's first website was created in the CERN laboratories.
  • Fujitsu servers are widely used throughout Estonia: More than half of the Estonian web is hosted on Fujitsu servers - Zone Media is our good cooperation partner.
  • We speak: 9 different languages. ​​Depending on the department, knowledge of at least one of the following languages ​​is required: Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Latvian or Lithuanian.

Job and internship opportunities

Fujitsu offers internships for Java developers.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

If you are a Java developer trainee with us, then:

  • you will acquire skills in real projects that will support you in your future career;
  • You will be paid an internship fee for your contribution (1300 EUR per month);
  • You will gain valuable experience and knowledge under the guidance of a mentor;
  • you can choose the start time and place of the internship yourself;
  • joined a team where good humour and finding solutions together are valued;
  • there is an opportunity to apply for a job outside the competition.


Hanni Tomingas
+372 57702330

Home page:!/miks-fujitsu