Gamecan OÜ & Full Cycle Game Academy

Põhivaldkond: Videomänguarendus ja haridus mängutööstuses



Company values

We are over-the-top ambitious.

No politics, no bullshit, no ideologies – we make games!

Long-term relationships are key.

Recognize areas of improvement, then improve.

Under-promise and over-deliver.

Zero tolerance for toxic behavior.

Mistakes and sub-par outcomes are okay, we learn. The key word is intent.

Work smart, play hard.

Give respect to get respect. Give it unconditionally. It can’t be demanded


GamecanGamecan employs 60 people from 20 different nationalities, and at the Full Cycle Game Academy, 100 students from both Estonia and abroad are studying.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

Life at Gamecan:

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