JOT Automation

Põhivaldkond: Automaatikaseadmete projekteerimine ja tootmine


Company values




Our vision

We provide world-class test, production & custom automation solutions and equipment for smarter and more efficient manufacturing. Industry-leading production solutions for assembly, testing, process and custom automation, from concept to creation and single equipment to complete turnkey solutions. With our solutions, ultimate design meets ultimate performance in minimal form. Just On Time.


Design innovative, cost effective and reliable automation solution for customer needs.


250+ employees, 30+ Years of experience in demanding products, customer projects and custom turnkey solutions in various industries. 60+ M€ Our largest single, custom automation turnkey project delivery to date. 3,000+ Customers deployed JOT products and solutions over the years. 1,000+ Custom design stations delivered in a single 12-month project – we design fast and scale up production in no time. Global coverage - Our sales, service and maintenance network cover the world, wherever you may be located.

Job and internship opportunities

We also welcome foreign students for internships.

Mechanics engineer, SW engineer, integration (mechatronics)

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

With JOT, you have the possibility to start your career as a trainee and move forward to employment. Typically, our trainees continue with us through graduation and carry out their thesis work for us. After graduation, most will stay with us as full-time employees.

• Inspiring world class projects in a global business environment

• Competitive salary

• Projects for world-leading global companies 

• Opportunity for growth and learning new things

• Praised induction process and support

• Great team and colleague support

• Benefits that support your wellbeing and work-life balance

• Possibility to work and travel internationally