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Company values

Lumav is based on three main values:

Performance - we think about how to achieve goals in cooperation with the client. We create growth-oriented e-business solutions.

Caring - we care about customers, partners and employees.

Learning - we keep abreast of e-business trends and are open to acquiring new knowledge. We create effective processes to meet the expectations of our customers and employees.

Our vision

Lumav is a reliable, business-minded technical development partner whose goal in creating e-business solutions is to ensure business growth for the customer through the quality of the technical solution and business advice.

We are one of the four Magento official partners in the Baltics and the only Magento partner company with Estonian capital. For three years in a row, we have been one of the fastest growing companies in Estonia at Gaselli TOP, and our customers' e-shops have been selected as one of the most user-friendly e-shops in Estonia (Loverte 2019 and Weekendshoes in 2020).

We offer business analysis, user interface analysis and implementation, technical analysis and its implementation. In addition, aftercare and analytical growth-oriented development.

The company has ten years of experience in programming warehousing, production and accounting software and creating various interfaces. We can handle even the most difficult technical challenges of e-business.

Job and internship opportunities

We are mainly looking for PHP-backed end-developers who would start developing the e-business platform Magento. But also react frond-end developers, testers, project managers and analysts.


11 years on the market
50 employees
ca 60 Magento clients

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

We make a great contribution to the development of young people and support their desire to learn. Because Magento is such a specific platform, we don't expect anyone to know it before (exposure to Magento is more of a bonus). We value a person's desire to develop and learn, and based on that desire we train all our developers - it doesn't matter if you are a student or have worked as a developer for 5+ years before.

Tel: +372 644 0999
Human Resources Manager:

Home page: