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Company values

Take responsibility - it all starts with me

Add value - I make sure my customers share in the value I create

Collaborate - I show a willingness to collaborate by seeking and offering support

Simplify the complex - I keep things focused and simple

Be curious - I explore the best ways to do things.

Our vision

Our vision is to save more lives and prevent serious injuries.


Our mission is to provide world-class life-saving solutions for mobility and society

Job and internship opportunities

1) Process engineer (stamping, assembly, on automatic lines)

2) Supply chain planner

3) Setter

4) Grinder

5) Wire Cutter

6) Metal bench operator

7) Tool locksmith (die/moulds)

8) Mechatronics engineer

9) Project engineer

10) Test Engineer


Approximately 1000 employees

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

Competitively, the most comprehensive metal processing machine fleet and the possibility of working with these processes, which is technologically one of the most unique opportunities in Europe. A professional team consisting of specialists in their field. The opportunity to make a career within the company.


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