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Company values

  • We at Repligen value collaboration and a customer-centric attitude.
  • We accept big challenges and enjoy solving problems.
  • Our people are curious, care deeply about their work and people.

Our vision

Focused on cost and process efficiencies, we deliver innovative technologies and solutions that help set new standards in bioprocessing.


Our mission is to inspire advances in bioprocessing as a trusted partner in the production of biologic drugs that improve human health worldwide.


We have in Repligen Estonia 50 employees, 2000+ worldwide. Repligen Ranked #18 in Fortune500 fastest growing companies list in 2022.

Job and internship opportunities

We also welcome foreign students for internships.

Repligen Estonia is rapidly growing. All job opportunities are listed:

  • Mechanical engineers,
  • Electrical Engineering,
  • Process Automation,
  • Production Specialists etc.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

Repligen Corporation on kiiresti kasvav biotehnoloogia tootmisettevõte, mille peakontor asub Ameerika Ühendriikides Walthamis (Massachusetts). Meie Harjumaal Jüris asuvas Eesti tütarettevõttes töötab hetkel 50 inimest, kuid 2024. alguses on meil valmimas uus kontori- ja tootmishoone, mis mahutab ligi 4x rohkem inimesi. Repligen on hea võimalus arendada rahvusvahelist karjääri ägedas nooruslikus tiimis.


Home page: