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Company values

The most important thing about Scoro is our unique company culture, which is based on five key pillars – concepts which are important to us and shape the way we work.

  • We are reasonable

We appreciate people who are pragmatic and easy to work with. 

  • We are structured

Time is the most valuable asset we have.

  • We are a team

We may be able to achieve a lot as individuals, but we can accomplish much more when we work together. 

  • We are innovative 

We have global ambitions about improving the way businesses work. 

  • We are high-performing

We run by the highest possible standards in everything we do. 


We shape the way people work.


Scoro is a work management software. 

We enable collaborative teams to work more efficiently and make decisions based on actionable data.


Founded in 2013 by Fred Krieger, Scoro is headquartered in London, with additional offices in Tallinn, Riga and Denver. Today we have 150 employees (50% girls – 50% boys) across the Baltics, UK and UK, while the average age is between 25-34 years.

Job and internship opportunities

We also welcome foreign students for internships.

Please find all our open positions here – 

You can still send an application, even if you don’t find the right role.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

  • We are making a difference! We have a direct impact on companies and their team members that use Scoro to make their daily life and work better, and use their time in a more efficient way. You will get a chance to work on improving an industry-leading platform that is used globally by 1000+ companies in over 60 countries.
  • Discover new, smarter ways to work. In Scoro, we use Scoro to manage Scoro. If you think about it, it’s actually pretty logical. You will find new and smarter ways to work and be more structured as you will be using Scoro on a daily basis as well. 
  • Experience what it takes to work at a growth phase company. 
  • Scorers and the culture – we really put effort on keeping up the team spirit while we grow. Daily dose of laughter, awesome team events, and a cozy office space are vital components of great teamwork.
  • Dedicated mentor and lots of useful trainings that will help you improve your knowledge and skills.


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