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• Get Sh#t Done
We start with a goal in mind
and do what it takes to reach it.

• Push Boundaries
We go outside our
comfort zones.

• Use Good Judgement
We speak up when we see
something that needs solving.


Skeleton Technologies is the global technology leader in ultracapacitor energy storage in automotive, transportation, grid, and industrial applications. We help to save energy!


In 2019, Skeleton Technologies celebrated its 10th anniversary.
• The company operates in 2 countries – Estonia and Germany.
• The company has 150 employees, 1/3 of whom were hired in 2019. The upward trend will continue in 2020.
• The product portfolio includes 11 Patent Families.
• The ultracapacitor has a lifetime of 15+ years and a 24/7 operating capacity.

Internship and work possibilities

Apply for the Skeleton Technologies Internship Program!
• HR Trainee
• Financial Trainee
• Trainee in Software Engineering
• Trainee in Hardware Engineering
• Trainee in Mechanical Engineering

Work in Estonia or Germany!
Check out the vacancies and internship program at Skeleton Technologies Career Page,

Why should a student choose your company?

Work and learn with top talent!
You can become part of a world-class team. Our team is made up of exceptional people and our company is constantly growing. If you are curious about energy storage and hold a desire for a meaningful job – join us to push the boundaries in the fight against climate change!

Tel: +372 56 619 083