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Homepage: https://ee.kuehne-nagel.com/et_ee/


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Kühne+Nagel is on the way to become a fully technology-enabled and data-driven value chain provider. Here IT plays a crucial role. Our ambition in IT is to be a partner for the logistics business, an innovator in developing logistics solution and a supplier for IT services.


420+ employees

Why should a student choose your company?

We are 400+ IT professionals focusing on developing IT-based integrated logistics solutions to one of the world’s leading logistics companies Kühne+Nagel with 85 000+ employees in 100+ countries. In addition to development our work includes support, maintenance, infrastructure services.

Internship and work possibilities

We are offering taking part of two different programs: Guild and Portfolio. Both programs are remote, part-time, take 3 months and the product belongs to the trainee. If you have at least 1 year of experience or you have concluded your 1st year of BA in IT, this is for you! You would be supervised by an internationally experienced mentor who will support you in every step. If you like the internship, it is possible to renew if for another 3 months.

In Portfolio program you can work with your own project from idea to release. It gives you a chance to try out different responsibilities and areas of IT and the project can be as difficult as you would like it to be. It is meant for trainees who like to discover, learn new things and do a little bit of everything.

In Guild program you can focus more on one or maximum two roles you are interested in or would like to develop more. You would work in a group and can go deep into detail. You would go together from the design to release. You can come up with the idea within the group or we can give you a project.



Homepage: https://ee.kuehne-nagel.com/et_ee/