Magnetic MRO

Future visions

We have created Magnetic MRO to reinvent existing business models and industry standards, developing first-class solutions for our customers, partners, employees, and shareholders. Through decades of experience and sectoral expertise, we’ve become one of the few industry leaders in integrated MRO solutions, which are not only the back bone of our business but also the trigger of our growth into new challenges. Our main differentiators are based on constant innovation and strategic expansion. Today we are confidently marching towards new market and service expansions; successfully proving ourselves in asset management and whole lifecycle solutions; putting Estonia in the global map of aviation as an innovative and leading aerospace hub.


  • Teamwork
  • Partnership
  • Honestly
  • Creativity
  • Progress


We have more than 450 employees, 15 locations all around the world, more than 11 nationalities on board, more than 2 decades of aviation experience, and 3 brands under and including Magnetic MRO family.

Work and practice offers

Why should a student come to practice or work at your company?

We offer exciting career opportunities in a prestige industry – Aviation! Magnetic MRO is a global company where all strategic decisions affecting international actions take place in HQ – Estonia. Why wouldn’t anyone want to become a part of this and take part in shaping the global aviation market?


Nilay Rammul – Marketing Communications Specialist

Maia Randver-Anupõld – HR Manager