Milrem AS

Main field: ROBOTICS

Other fields: Information technology, Mechanics




We are open-minded

Open-mindedness and a readiness to experiment is the birth code of our company.
A bottom-up approach to innovation is the essential ingredient of our organizational culture.
We are always open to new perspectives and find value in thinking ‘outside the box’.
We encourage our personnel, clients and partners to practice an open-minded attitude towards novel perspectives and solutions.

We act responsibly
Whilst pursuing innovative solutions, we aim to minimize the potential risks related to the use of intelligent technologies. Therefore, we make a commitment to uphold clear ethical principles that are prescribed in our Code of Conduct.
We care for the environment. We strive to be proactive in the protection of global welfare. We aim to improve the sustainability of our products and services in order to reduce their environmental impact. (CSR policy)
We care for our clients. We aspire for the highest quality both in terms of our products and our customer service. We provide solutions that are flexible and can be trusted even in the most difficult environments. For the purpose of continuous improvements, we promote an inclusive approach to problem solving and further technological developments.
We work as a team

If you want to go far, go together.
Team-spirit is a vital bedrock of the company. A united team will take advantage of complementary skills to achieve technological excellency.
In order to go above and beyond in technological innovation, our goal is to promote a healthy workplace culture where each team member can feel supported and encouraged.

Internship and work possibilities

Software Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Electronics Engineer

Why should a student choose your company?

  • Opportunities to implement your thoughts and ideas with a dedicated and innovative team; 
  • Opportunities for self-development in an ambitious Estonian company with colleagues and leaders who believe in the potential of the high-tech industry in Estonia; 
  • Opportunities to participate in exciting international projects in cooperation with world-leading technology companies; 
  • Opportunities to contribute to shaping the future of the world.


To be a global innovation leader of robotic solutions and largest player of the UGV market in Europe.