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Company values

Customer focus

We continuously find and develop new energy concepts that meet the customer needs the best possible way. We always take care of customers’ expectations and requirements when creating the solution and we want to provide the superior customer experience in every touch point.


We commit to our customers’ needs by investments and by offering long- term agreement models and ongoing operational improvements. We at Adven are committed to our values, purposevision, and targets just as well as strive for reaching our targets as well as possible in our own daily work.


We strive for performance in all our operations and we have a high ambition to develop not only energy and cost efficiency but even more so the success of our people. We work carefully and precisely. We are goal-oriented and monitor the achievement of our common goals closely with our customers.


We respect our customers, partners and colleagues by providing and monitoring commonly recognized good ethical practices. We respect sustainability principals and environmental values by favoring environmentally friendly solutions and renewable fuels.

Our vision

Adven is the best in the world in providing sustainable energy as a service with superior customer experience for industries and real estate. At the heart of our vision is our Energy as a Service ® -model, that enables us to implement our mission with unique intensity. Our Energy as a Service model – designing of comprehensive solutions, building and investing in, projecting and operating plants and critical customer processes, as well as continuous development – has been at the heart of our business for over 40 years.

Job and internship opportunities


90 employees

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

* Adven is an international, growing company that aims to be the best in the world in their field.
* With us you will have the opportunity to find, build, run and develop sustainable energy and water solutions together with our customers.
* You will have a voice, you can influence your own work, and you are empowered to make a difference and deliver the superior customer experience.
* You will work in an environment that strives for continuous improvement and encourages people to develop and learn from each other.
* You will be contributing to a greater good: the work you do today will save the planet tomorrow. * With us, you won’t stand still. Adven is growing and you are growing with it.



Human Resources Manager Ivi Aluoja:

Home page: