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Tuisu 19, Tallinn
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Company values

Reliability – we keep our promises, treat our partners and colleagues honestly and respectfully, follow the good practices of the field.

Professionalism – we set high goals, we are open and innovative, successfully combining long-term experience with the opportunities offered by innovation.

Humanity – we care about our employees, creating a modern and development-promoting working environment with a motivational system that supports performance.

Our vision

At Connecto we work to improve the lives and business opportunities of Estonians. With our activities, we help ensure the operation of vital connections for network operators.


Thanks to our clever employees, modern technology, a multitude of services and a regional presence, we ensure the operation of vital services (electricity, communication, gas).


360 employees

Job and internship opportunities

We offer internships for students of vocational and higher education institutions who study energy, gas networks, telecommunications networks, geodesy and design.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

In Connecto, you can acquire knowledge and skills alongside an experienced instructor and the internship is paid according to contribution. There is also the possibility for further employment if mutually suitable.


Tuisu 19, Tallinn
Home page: