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Company values

We do our work with our head and soul, not just our hands. In Framm we are honest and fair, always committed and ready for action!

Our vision

Framm is a progressive and forward-looking company producing concrete and concrete products. As the largest producer of concrete construction materials in Estonia, we want to be an example to other players in the construction industry with Framm's values and high standards. Our goal is to become the shaper of the concrete market.

Job and internship opportunities

We want to inject progress, activism and perseverance into the youth interested in concrete at an early age. We offer internships for concrete fans, especially for future quality specialists or mechanics, but the sales department is also waiting for young engineers and project managers to gather knowledge.


The Framm Group employs nearly 400 people, we have 4 production units and an annual turnover of more than 29 million euros. Our assortment is unique in terms of its versatility - we are the only factory that produces wall elements, hollow core slabs and special elements as well as paving stones, concrete blocks and ready-mixed concrete.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

At Framm, we believe that concrete is a dignified and durable material that has untapped potential and when used consciously, concrete enriches the living environment around us. With us, you can get involved in shaping the concrete market. We value safety and safe work practices, we are sustainable in our daily decisions and we work actively for a cleaner environment. FRAMM is always ready to act and do what what we promised! We are honest and fair. But most importantly - WE ARE ONE TEAM!


Home page: