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Company values

Action - We are soulful and always looking for new opportunities. We are consistent and results-oriented, and we take setbacks as lessons.
Smart - We value independent thinking and are not afraid to step out of the comfort zone. We highly value professionalism, we are thorough and we are looking for practical solutions.
Open - Every member of our team of professionals is important. For us, diversity of opinion, intellectual discussion and cooperation are honored.

Our vision

Inbank takes banking out of the bank, where people really need it. Our international team employs more than 290 people with the common goal of making financing accessible and smooth.

Job and internship opportunities

Inbank is waiting for its team of people who want to make a new kind of banking. Check out the vacancies:


Number of employees - 290+
8 offices in 5 countries

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

Our rapid growth and international ambitions offer challenging and exciting work with plenty of start-up vibe. In addition to motivating work tasks, we offer flexibility in terms of working time and place, an office with all amenities in Kalamaja, excellent company and competitive remuneration. In Inbank, you can experience how to make a new era in banking.


Home page: