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Company values

Our values are smart, open and active.

Our vision

We are building the ultimate embedded retail experience where financing meets customers exactly where they are with a plan that fits their personal needs, without absolutely any fuss. That way, financing anything from sneakers to solar panels happens exactly when and where it's needed. By making financing an integral part of a product or service, we help our 5,400+ merchant partners thrive.

Our vision

We are on a mission to take financing out of traditional banking to the point of sale, right where everyday commerce happens.


Inbank has over 5,400 active merchant partners and 845,000 active contracts. More than 300 people from 17 different nationalities work across 8 offices in 5 countries in the Baltics and CEE.

Job and internship opportunities

We also welcome foreign students for internships.

We know that our ambitious growth strategy needs a strong international team of skilled professionals that work across teams and borders to ensure we are growing together, not apart. Each year, we have a summer internship program and open positions are available atäär

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

Smart comes in many forms. Book smarts. Street smarts. Tech smarts. Talk smarts. You get the idea. To get where we're headed, we need a team that's diversified in its smarts. Whatever kind of smart you are, you'll be valued and challenged at Inbank. Our rapid growth and international ambitions set us with exciting challenges every day. In addition to motivating tasks, we offer our team members the following advantages: Growth opportunities for both your role and for you professionally; Challenging and exciting work with plenty of start-up spirit; Excellent people and great team events; Work equipment that considers your personal preferences; Flexibility in working hours and place of work; Pet-friendly office, personalised development plan and wellbeing initiatives


Home page: