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Töö ja praktikavõimaluste info: https://www.tallinn-airport.ee/too-lennujaamas

Sigrid Savest



Company values

We are Estonia's air gateway, as well as its business card, and we play an important role in Estonia's transport system and economy. We offer work with a mission, as a result of which we receive and send thousands of passengers a day! In our daily activities, we are based on our values, thereby being the most homely airport in the world for our employees, partners and passengers! 

Company values: 


We act competently and efficiently; 

We keep our promises; 

We make thoughtful decisions; 

Our business activities are honest, transparent and purposeful; 


We are always open to cooperation; 

We find common ground between the client's needs and the company's interests; 

We surprise you with new possibilities and smart solutions; 


We care about our passengers, customers and partners;

We care about our colleagues, employees and the company; 

We care about our community and Estonian society in general.  

Our vision

The most attractive airport in Europe


We connect Estonia to the world 


At the end of 2023, the Tallinn Airport group had a total of 633 employees, of whom 374 worked at AS Tallinna Lennujaam and 258 at AS Tallinn Airport GH, and 1 started working at AS Airport City. The group employs 227 women and 404 men, and the four-member board consists of two men and two women. 20 women and 35 men work in leading positions. The average age in the company is 42.8 years. In 2023, a total of 2.96 million passengers passed through Tallinn Airport and almost 63,000 passengers through regional airports. 

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

The airport is an exciting place of practice and offers an opportunity to see up close the importance of cooperation and how we connect Estonia to the world. Every day, all the employees of the airport take care to ensure that passengers and aircraft are sent off here comfortably and received in the same way as at home, without forgetting safety. Quite a few people are working at the airport who got an internship here during school and stayed here for years. There is something about aviation, something magical that brings people here! 

We accept students in the field of accounting once a year, and the selection is made based on a competition, about which we publish information both on the airport's external and social media. If you have questions about internships, we recommend contacting the airport's recruitment partner, Sigrid Savest, at sigrid.savest@tll.aero. airport team! 

The airport employs many skilled workers and specialists in the fields of engineering, technology, aviation and customer service at Tallinn, Kuressaare, Kärdla, Pärnu, Tartu airports and Kihnu and Ruhnu airports. 

The group includes the subsidiaries Tallinn Airport GH, which has positions related to aircraft and passenger services, and Airport City, which deals with real estate development. Both vocational school and university graduates can find interesting work that offers development opportunities in our organization. 


We are Estonia's calling card and air gate, and we carry this role with pride! We are waiting for you in the world's homeliest 


Töö ja praktikavõimaluste info: https://www.tallinn-airport.ee/too-lennujaamas

Sigrid Savest