Coop Pank AS

Main field: Credit institution


Maakri 30, Tallinn 15014


Company values

We dare to do differently!

We are inspired by the opportunity to do things differently in banking. We are not satisfied with what we have achieved, we constantly ask ourselves questions about whether and how to make the customer's life better and easier. We dare to be wrong. We admit our mistakes. Let's learn from them and do better.

Professionals play together!

Each of our employees is a professional in their field and sets high standards for themselves. We work hard but at the same time we don't take ourselves too seriously. Our mode of operating is team play.

We're getting there!

We set ourselves ambitious goals and always give our best to reach the results. If we start something, we will finish it!

Our vision

Coop Bank - Everyone's success story 

For customers – a bank that is responsive, fast, innovative, close to the customer and a bank that fits your life.

For employees - an employer where you really have the opportunity to take initiative and responsibility, implement innovative ideas, where ambitious goals are accompanied by rapid self-development, and this is your personal contribution to moving Estonia's life forward. 

For shareholders - as an owner, you have the opportunity to give momentum to Estonian companies and help people realize their dreams in every corner of Estonia. You can become a part of the growth of an Estonian bank.

For society – a bank intended for all Estonians, the value created remains in Estonia and is invested to improve the community's standard of living, develop businesses and create new jobs.


We carry life forward in every corner of Estonia! Our wish is to give momentum to Estonian companies and help people realize their dreams in every corner of Estonia - both in the countryside and in the city. We are characterized by the courage to do banking innovatively, creating banking services that fit into our customer's everyday life. We are available for our customers in the internet and mobile bank, in bank offices and in nearly 330 Coop stores across Estonia. Let's stay together, let's grow together!


There are over 420 employees in our bank and we are present for the customer in 15 bank offices and 330 Coop stores across Estonia.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

Students should choose our bank as their workplace for several reasons. We offer flexible working hours and the possibility of remote work. We value the contribution of employees, taking into consideration the career aspirations of employees and always taking into account the use of internal potential when filling new positions. We support every employee who stands up for their professional growth. We offer development and training activities because we believe that an educated and competent employee is the basis of professional and open customer communication. We stand for the fact that our salary and other benefits are competitive on the labor market and that the payment principles are transparent and comprehensible to the employees.


Maakri 30, Tallinn 15014