Field: Energetics




Company values

• Up to me

• Useful for the customer

• Increasing value

• From complicated to simple

• Safety first


• We have over 830 employees

• We cover 95% of Estonia with electricity grid

• We are Estonia's largest network operator – 61 000 km of power lines and over 4000 substations

• We are the largest service company in Estonia

• We are a vital service provider

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

• Your career start – With us you can do meaningful work in Estonia's largest network operator and challenge yourself by solving value-creating tasks. We’ll give you an excellent starting point and experience for your future career path. 

• Paid internship - Participatory internship is paid. We notice and acknowledge your contribution. 

• Health support - We contribute to the mental and physical health of you and your loved ones through health insurance, our sports club and Stebby's various options. 

• Supportive environment - When achieving results, we support your path, share our knowledge and show professional perspectives.  

• Supervisor - We guarantee you a supervisor with whom you set clear goals and monitor their achievement. 

• Energy Step summer program - Take the steps on your dream career path with us! During the summer we will include you in our exciting events and development activities.