Elisa Eesti AS




Company values

Innovation, cooperation, productivity, customer focus, responsibility.


We digitize so that the future has a future..


Elisa's mission is to build the digital foundation of society through sustainable business operations. We highly value innovation and remain dedicated to delivering it to everyone through innovative apps, cutting-edge ways of working, solutions and more. The more work we can give the machines, the more free time our customers and employees can enjoy. 


Nearly 1,000 employees, of whom 53% are women, 47% are men, the average length of service is 6.9 years, the longest length of service is 31 years, the oldest employee is 72 years.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

In the case of Elisa, it is a very innovative company where you experience something new and exciting every day and where the impossible can be realized regardless of time and place. We keep up with the times and want to constantly develop, therefore we dare to offer solutions outside the box. In Elisa's team, there are only awesome characters with whom every working day is exciting. You are supported by good supervisors and sympathetic colleagues who are happy to share their advice and experiences. You have the opportunity to make a career in Elisa and fulfil yourself professionally, you can have a say in your own work and see the actual results of the work done.


aadress: Sõpruse pst 145, 13425 Tallinn

karjäärileht: elisa.ee/too

e-mail: talent@elisa.ee