Entain Baltics & Nordics

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Company values

Do what's right

Keep it simple

Go Beyong

Win Together

Our vision

We are Entain - one of the biggest iGaming companies worldwide. Our vision is to be the world leader in betting, gaming and interactive entertainment. We will achieve this through our focus on sustainability and growth, transforming our sector for our players, for ourselves and for the good of entertainment.



Provide the safest experience for our customers and encourage the industry to follow our lead. Continuously upgrade and personalise our protections for customers.

Operating in a well-structured regulatory regime enables us to deliver higher quality earnings with greater certainty and sustainability of earnings as we continue to grow and expand our global footprint and scale.

Attracting and retaining an increasingly recreational audience by providing a safe and engaging entertainment experience, enables us to generate sustainable returns.

Ensure Entain is the best place to work while contributing to communities where we are based and operate.



Around 30 000 employees globally in the Entain Group, and 600 in Entain Baltics & Nordics specifically, with 8 brand operating in the region.


Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

We have a variety of positions for different seniorities covering many different specialities, from customer support to marketing to IT, it is a good chance for someone looking to try their hand in a professional setting. As we also started an internship program, it is also an option for someone looking for something short-term.