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Company values

Our values ​​- we do our work firmly, professionally, and creatively. We act decisively, independently, impartially, and fairly in fulfilling the supervisory authority's mission and achieving its goals.

Our vision

Digitally competent and efficient Financial Supervision Authority.

Job and internship opportunities

The staff of the Financial Supervision Authority is characterized by a good combination of top experts and capable young specialists. Our employees are well-trained, experienced, broad-minded and eager to learn. We are cooperative, open to new ideas and working methods, and we value teamwork.

With us you can have:

• A good start to your professional career

• a panoramic view of the entire Estonian financial sector

• professional work experience

• cooperation network in Estonia and Europe

• to influence important processes in the field of financial supervision (legislation, development of methodology, etc.)

We offer internship opportunities for students of economics and law, it is also possible to come as a job shelter. We support the combination of work and study.

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The Financial Supervision Authority has 122 employees, of whom 35 are men and 87 are women. The average age of the employees is 37.5 years and the length of service is 7 years. In terms of qualifications, the majority of the team are financial specialists (analysts, auditors), followed by lawyers. All employees of the Financial Supervision Authority have higher education.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

We offer an opportunity to influence the operation of the financial sector through our work. This means both great challenges and great responsibilities. Supervision cannot be learned at school, nor can one become a supervisor solely on the basis of work experience in the financial market. As a result, we pay special attention to new colleagues when they come to work and provide the necessary support and training.

Consistent training of staff is essential to ensure good supervisory quality. We offer our people various training and development opportunities, it is possible to participate in both national and international professional trainings. Specific monitoring training developed in cooperation with the European Surveillance Network will take place on a regular basis.

As the Estonian financial sector is significantly affected by developments elsewhere in the world, co-operation with other supervisory authorities and international organizations is very important to us. Employees of the Financial Supervision Authority have the opportunity to have a say in the development of European supervision and to actively participate in the work of sectoral working groups.

As is typical of the financial sector, we offer our employees an inspiring and versatile package of benefits and rewards, and we keep the team spirit alive with great joint events, seminars and health sports.



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