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Kristiina Paur – koolitus ja arendusspetisalist. 

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Company values

* We are focused - By focusing on our top priorities and following our strategy, we ensure that we deliver what we have promised. We dare to say no. We are consistent and work with innovations to visualize progress. We take care to complete our activities while maintaining a focus on efficiency and cost control. Focus means being consistent and persistent!s us.

* We communicate - We use our communication channels proactively and everyone is involved - customers, employees, owners and other parties. Our communication is close and we have a structured communication plan - both daily and "crisis" plans. We are ready to use different communication channels - the message is important. We are open and transparent in our communication

* We are team players - Good business requires good teamwork. We work as a united team. We engage each other and give feedback, and we are ready to receive feedback. We are curious, we listen and we provide answers. We respect and trust the good intentions of our colleagues. We resolve differences through negotiation. We share information and experiences and support each other when necessary. We work towards a common goal.

* We make things easier -All our clients have a dedicated contact person for communication. We understand what creates value for our clients. We follow the described processes and improve them by constantly increasing their efficiency. We are open-minded and dare to change, but never compromise quality.

* We take responsibility - Taking responsibility is important to be able to cover all our areas of responsibility and promises. Taking responsibility is important both in supporting colleagues and maintaining good relations with suppliers. Taking responsibility means making sure that we understand the expectations of each party and that the solutions we offer meet those expectations. We keep our promises and report any issues that arise. Taking responsibility means specifying expectations in detail. Rather, we give people the opportunity to make their own decisions - even if the results are not always as expected. Through decision-making, we can learn, develop and improve the result. Decision-making teaches and develops us.

Our vision

HANZA's vision is to be a unique value-added business partner offering complete solutions in the field of mechanics, electronics, cable and end assemblies. 


*We play a very important role in strengthening innovation and sustainability in our community. We do this by helping product owners (our customers) to focus their time, resources and knowledge on the development and marketing of new innovative products, not on production.

*Our slogan is "ALL YOU NEED IS ONE". We contribute to a sustainable future by consolidating different production technologies into local clusters to achieve shorter production times and more environmentally friendly processes, thereby contributing to the growth of our customers' profitability. This is also expressed in our motto "MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS FOR A BETTER FUTURE".

*We work long-term to create sustainable production clusters with many technologies, resulting in minimal transport and environmental impact. Our developing consulting services offer product owners a faster and more cost-effective journey towards their goals: INNOVATIVE, COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MODEL 


Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

We value the student's contribution to the industrial field during the study period and reward his internship as he deserves. At HANZA, we believe that the journey to the top begins by learning from the best. With us, students have a great opportunity to test the theoretical knowledge learned at school. The student can be sure that our team knows how to evaluate and welcome fresh ideas on how to further develop functioning systems. We have awesome projects, wide production capacity and cool people. Every day is different. Challenges and teamwork go hand in hand. 

It is worthwhile to come to HANZA for a school internship because in the future we will consider the student's experience as an advantage in competitions - several interns have received a job offer during their school journey and laid the foundation for their career in HANZA.


Kristiina Paur – koolitus ja arendusspetisalist

 Kristiina. Paur@hanza.com