Tallinn University of Technology is implementing a green revolution and wants to become the first climate-neutral and sustainable university in Estonia by 2035. In achieving this, all members of the university family play a role, and it is important that all events organized at the university, including the Võti Tulevikku career event, have green goals in mind and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.


Achieving the green goals requires climate smartness, which summarizes three important trends: digitization, the green revolution and the circular economy. We are cooperating with Tallinn University of Technology vice-rector for the green revolution and the Center for the Future of Climate Computing, with whose help we have thought through various aspects of the event and made it greener and more sustainable accordingly. Listed below are some examples of what will be done at our career fair:


♻ Sorting of waste – Tallinn University of Technology uses trash cans that encourage sorting of waste, where, in addition to household waste, packaging, cardboard and paper, bio-waste and glass containers can be sorted. In addition, there are battery collection points all around the school grounds.

♻ Reducing paper marketing and using recycled paper – Avoiding waste generation is even more effective, for example instead of paper marketing, we use several variants of digital marketing. We also ask participating companies to avoid advertising flyers on paper if possible. In addition, the paper of this year's Võti Tulevikku magazine uses 50% recycled fiber, and we have also reduced the number of paper magazines printed.

♻ We recommend companies participating in the career event to highlight their sustainable goals or green field activitiesin order to map how much is being thought about and which applications are already being used.

♻ When catering and offering drinks, we use more sustainable alternatives, following the example of the university, for example cups/dishes from the packaging cycle or reusable dishes. 

♻ Transport to the event Tuul helps us fly towards a greener future! Enter the code VTKARJÄRIMESS and on the day of the career fair, you will ride the Tuul electric scooter on March 7 at a -30% discount. With the code VÕITULEVIKKU, you will get -15% off until the end of the career event - so you can smoothly get to the company visits and seminars.


Starting with these steps, we want to gradually become a greener career event. Thank you for contributing and helping!


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