Main area: The public sector

Other areas: Environmental monitoring and analysis 


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Company values

There is only one planet Earth, and its future is in our hands. We live in a pivotal time where balanced decision-making is more important than ever. To save the environment, we must act together now and now. Reliable information is needed to build the whole picture and create balance. Our task is to create independent and accurate environmental data. Working for our planet knows no borders. We give meaning to the data, on the basis of which environmental decisions are made both in Estonia and internationally. We are proud that our work is meaningful and helps to maintain the living environment of all of us. Come and give the people of Estonia the right picture of the health of our nature and home planet!

Our vision

We are a comprehensive environmental, weather and climate service provider that is demanded by society, and the primary source of objective environmental information.


With the power of the best expert knowledge and the support of the most reliable data, we guide Estonian society towards sustainable development. We organize environmental monitoring, share environmental data and analyze environmental changes with the aim of providing Estonian residents with timely and reliable environmental information, forecasts and warnings of dangerous weather phenomena. The Environmental Agency's holistic view of the environment creates the prerequisites for knowledge-based decisions in policy-making, business and the everyday life of residents - in order to maintain a safe, clean and diverse living environment and the sustainable development of society in Estonia.​


We have 203 employees in Environment Agency, out of which 112 have Masters degree and 14 PhD. Half our employees spend half of their working hours in the field. During the year we have close to 30 interns complementing their skills

Job and internship opportunities

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

The Environmental Agency is the best place to start a career for an environmentally conscious young person. We deal with data collection and analysis, on the basis of which decisions affecting the balance of the planet are made both in Estonia and internationally. Our field is rapidly developing and constantly offers new improvement opportunities. We value flexibility, which allows you to study alongside work. We promote a sporty and environmentally conscious way of life.


Tallinn, Mustamäe tee 33