Magnetic Group

Field: Aviation


Väike-Sõjamäe 1A, Tallinn 11415,,,

Company values

We are agile.

We are respectful.

We are highly professional. 

Our vision

We want to turn a traditionally conservative business experience into an exciting and rewarding one.


To help aviation companies help the world. We believe that Magnetic Group`s companies play an essential role in enabling aviation companies to better people`s lives worldwide. By ensuring their aircraft are fit to fly and back in the air as soon as possible, we make sure businesses can operate, lovers can reunite, and medication can be delivered where it is the most needed. 


The number of employees in Magnetic Group: 733. Average age of the employees: 30. Our offices, warehouses and outstations are located across the world in 4 different continents.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

"Look, up there!" Was, is, and always will be a statement we live by. It will come as no surprise, but we`re obsessed with the aviation industry. We like to think our heads are in the clouds in the best way. And we love it when we`re responsible for what we see. We value teamwork, partnership, honesty, creativity and progress. Our colleagues have said that "Magnetic Group offers you an opportunity to get your voice heard and make a difference in aviation. The mixture of cultures and relationships that one encounters throughout the Magnetic journey makes it much more meaningful. It`s one huge global family with big visions that support you to strive and achieve!". We are passionate. We are driven. We are Magnetic


Väike-Sõjamäe 1A, Tallinn 11415,,,