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Human Resources Manager Kadri Lutsoja,, tel 5293091

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Company values

Excellence We are dedicated to satisfying the needs of our clients We are aimed at cooperation, synergy and explicit agreements We plan our operations and measure efficiency We value our time and skills as well as those of others We focus on the agreed priorities

Growth We are ambitious in coming up with new (business) opportunities and technical solutions We take initiative and offer encouragement through personal role models We constantly educate ourselves and share our experiences within the organisation We recognise achievements and celebrate victories We adapt quickly to changing circumstances

Risk Awareness We are aware of our operational risks as well as those of our clients and we take appropriate measures We do not compromise when it comes to safe construction solutions We prevent and notice dangers and share occupational safety information with all parties We are environment-friendly and economical We support balance between one’s professional and private life

Reliability We keep our promises and take responsibility for our actions We create reliable relationships in all stages of the design and construction process Together we accomplish more by acting as a team We show respect and expect the same in return

Our vision

We help to make dreams into reality, shaping imaginations. Our activities are based on a client-oriented approach delivering reliable solutions with high-quality execution.

Job and internship opportunities

We offer internships for supervisors, designers and budgeters. The internship is paid.


170 employees

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

At MARU, you will find a professional and progressive team with a positive outlook on life, supported by common values.


Human Resources Manager Kadri Lutsoja,, tel 5293091

Home page: