Ruukki products AS

Main field: Ruukki Construction delivers steel-based construction products and services for sustainable building of roofs and walls.


Turba 7 Pärnu 80010


Company values

We are active - together we create value.

We are honest - we do what is right.

We exceed expectations - with the future in sight.

Our vision

Building future-proof structures today! Building future-proof structures today means pushing the bar higher in every possible way. And tomorrow, we start over and raise the bar even higher to make the world a safer, more sustainable, and smarter place to live and work.


Together we make the world a safer, more sustainable and smarter place to live and work.


In the Baltics, a total of 200 employees work, with approximately 140 employees in Estonia.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

Ruukki is part of the global steel company SSAB, with whom we share values and extensive experience. Collaboration, full transparency, and quality are at the forefront of our business focus. Every Ruukki individual plays a significant role in our success story. Leadership, diversity, health, and safety are key areas where we place great emphasis, and which our team members are closely involved with. We have nearly 1500 people working for us in factories and offices across Europe. We invite you to join us on this journey to create a safer, more sustainable, and smarter tomorrow for the well-being of us all. We are a company where: We maintain a supportive company culture. We involve our employees and give them responsibility. We create opportunities for personal development. We focus on ensuring safety and creating a secure work environment. We achieve success through collaboration to exceed customer expectations and provide exceptional customer experience. We are a forward-looking and responsible organization.


Turba 7 Pärnu 80010