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Other areas: training


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Company values

1. An uncompromising commitment to operating with integrity and doing what we say we’re going to do

2. Leading by example because you can’t teach what you don’t know and you can’t lead where you won’t go

3. Setting goals, using positive self-talk and never limiting ourselves in what we can accomplish

4. The power of serving others

5. Giving with little regard for what we might get back

6. Being coachable and in continual and never-ending personal and professional growth

7. Seeing people not just as who they are but also for who they can become

8. The power of an entrepreneurial spirit and in helping people reach their ultimate potential

9. Taking action and operating with a sense of urgency

10. Being good stewards of our resources and being accountable to our partners for our results

11. Focusing on what is right and not who is right

12. The power of faith and believing we are strong enough to overcome any obstacle

13. Choosing a great attitude and always finding a way instead of an excuse

14. Being customer-focused, service-minded and in doing the right thing for our customers and team members, we are blessed by the efforts of those before us and we want to pay it forward

15. Self-discipline and that successful people form the habit of doing the things they know they should be doing, and becoming the best version of themselves

16. Working to recognize others over seeking recognition for ourselves; we help people feel valued

17. Having an intentional focus on selling and that each person is responsible for the growth of the company

18. Using principles to guide our decision-making

19. Developing a lasting relationship with our team and in treating team members like family members

20. Most of all, we believe in building people. We know that we are not what is important, but what we do is important. We take pride in being the best in the world at recruiting, training and motivating elite sales forces. We carry a special reverence for our heritage of those who came before us and we work with intentional responsibility for those who will come after us. We believe in the power of legacy, the power of shared ownership and we never take for granted what we have here as a Family of Companies. We help people achieve their goals in life. We build character. We build people—and we truly

Our vision

To be the best organization in the world at helping young people develop the skills and character they need to achieve their goals in life.

Job and internship opportunities

Southwestern Advantage is an American direct sales company that since 1868 has offered university students a thorough entrepreneurial and sales training by field experts followed by a summer in America selling books door-to-door.


Since 2001 more than 3000 estonian students have been part of Southwestern Advantage summer program, in 2021 234 students took part of the program.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

We believe that when we expand our comfort zones, we learn more, gain more, and make a bigger impact. Communication skills, success principles, and empathy are best- developed face-to-face. Student Reps learn how to deal with judgmental types, neutral types, and supportive types—all of which are common in every line of work, as well as life. The amount of emotional maturity that is developed through going door-to-door is unmatched by traditional summer jobs or office internships.


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