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Company values

At Tele2, we live-work-breathe according to four core values:
TRUST - this makes us faster and more efficient
COURAGE - we take risks, we admit mistakes
PASSION - wakes up in the morning and carries on
CARE - about yourself, colleagues, those around you

Our vision

We are challengers in the telecom market to respond to customer needs as quickly as possible. Our goal is to connect people and devices seamlessly and securely.

Job and internship opportunities

Suitable for you if you want to not only float on the beach in the summer, but also do real work that will change your future. You will be faced with intense tasks, honest colleagues, the opportunity to participate in decision-making and challenges that will boost your professional growth by a hundred. And of course a real salary and no corner passing and empty nonsense. As a cherry on top at the end of the internship, the Clifton Strengths Finder test awaits you, followed by training with Tele2e coach Mihkel. Bingo!

Suitable for you if you want to commit to a whole year and are ready to work alongside Tele2e management. This is a rare opportunity in Estonia, where the internship takes place directly under top management (including our CEO Chris Robbins) and provides an opportunity to see the entire company up close. You can grow as a person and develop as a professional. In addition to a real salary, a great package worth € 2,500 is waiting for you. In other words, training or coaching for € 1,500, € 500 worth of Tele2 shares, € 200 worth of tattoo. And one more surprise. Although there will be more of them during the year!

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Our people are hardworking and we have a lot of them. A total of 350 good people! This includes staff in our office, offices and the network. We have a lot more women workers. They have taken up 66% of jobs. But men have nothing against it.

Employee recommendation index: 89! The employee recommendation index on a scale of -100 to +100 shows how likely our own employees are to recommend us as an employer. The higher the score, the more fans. The recommendation index is positively affected by the employee's pride in the employer, motivation and energy in their work, and trust in Tele2 Estonia as a company and management.

Inclusion Index: 83! The involvement score shows how happy our employees feel when working at Tele2 on average. The employee involved is loyal, contributes strongly to the development of himself or herself and the company, and has the desire and energy to do something.

673 stickers for laptops! It is popular among Tele2 employees to collect various stickers on the covers of their computers, which would add a little sparkle to their black boxes! Among the stickers, Tele2e's own stickers are mainly represented, but there are also slightly more special decorations, such as minions or user-name decorations. There are a total of 673 stickers on the cover, which are constantly changing depending on the computers or the people inspired by them.

58 abbreviations! The use of abbreviations is commonplace in the Tele2e office, and it can therefore be difficult for people outside to understand what is being said in the office. The fun inside the house is to create a textbook to explain the abbreviations to new employees. Although a joke, it would definitely be useful for them, because on average about 58 different abbreviations are used in the office during the day.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

During your internship at Tele2, you have:
* Supportive top specialist in the form of a mentor (recommended index> 90)
* Confidence to initiate and transport responsible projects
* Startup work culture with TV2 benefits
* Clifton Strengths Finder personal results + workshop with coach
* Opportunity to experience 1 internship day in another organization
* Paid internship period

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550 5458

Home page: