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Company values

At Tele2, we live-work-breathe according to four basic values:

  • Trust – thanks to which we are faster and more efficient.
  • Courage – we take risks and admit mistakes.
  • Passion – wakes you up in the morning and drives you forward!
  • Caring – for yourself, your colleagues and your surroundings.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the challengers of the telecom market. We rebel (with reason!) against all boring practices and habits.


Our mission is to provide the best customer experience in the world - service that is customer-centric and positively surprising.


There are 378 of us in total - more than days in a year! :) From Tele2's #põhjusegamässaja internship program, 84 aspiring youths have gained momentum in their careers, and have now reached the positions of top specialists in their field or other team leader roles, both in Tele2 and outside. On our website you can find more exciting information about us!

Job and internship opportunities

We have two exciting internship programs: summer internship and management internship. You can read more about the content, areas and possibilities of both internship programs here:

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

A supportive team. In the Tele2 family, you are an equal team member and we do not set limits for you. In addition, you have a supervisor who supports you throughout the entire internship period and with whom you set clear goals. We exercise our abs with daily laughter, feed our need for adrenaline by overcoming unprecedented challenges, and celebrate work wins. An internship with us is a good springboard for your career. You have the opportunity to participate in exciting projects together with crazy colleagues and a start-up work culture. The internship period is paid together with various benefits. You will become aware of your animalistic strengths - you can take the extremely exciting Clifton Strengths Finder test, followed by a separate workshop with a Tele2 coach. You will have the opportunity to experience one day of internship in another organization as we launched an unprecedented trainee exchange day in Estonia together with the awesome Swedbank!


550 5458

Home page: