Trainers' House Plc

Main field: Economy

Other areas: Construction, Energy, Infotechnology, Chemistry / Materials Science, Aviation, Logistics, Economy, Mechanics, Telecommunications, Production


Saara Tiri Recruiting Coordinator & Operations Manager

+358 50 3048898

Company values

Do you want to receive valuable experience and coaching to become a professional in B2B business? Working as a Marketeer gives you a broad understanding of business-to-business. You will get to know different industries, discuss company C-level decision-makers on daily basis and attend coaching sessions led by professional consultants. You will also attend the Trainers’ House Growth Academy -coaching program. In the program, Jari Sarasvuo will coach you regarding marketing, sales, and leadership. Also, you will have a chance to participate in web courses, which our customers are also using.

Our vision

Am I a good fit to become a Marketeer? You can apply if you have an interest in building your knowledge in business. Your background can be almost anything from economics to a pharmacy. We are looking for students and graduates, who can work in our office in Tallinn. We will provide you with over a year contract as a part-time employee. We will give you 2-3 working days per week. The working hours are on weekdays between 8-16. We promise you flexible working hours and a fixed hourly salary. We require the knowledge of Finnish. Other language knowledge is your benefit.


Trainers’ House's mission is to help people forward. We help our customers to become better, which means that we will also help our employees to become future professionals in business-to-business. Our services include marketing, new customer acquisition services, and consulting. Hope to hear from you soon!

Job and internship opportunities

We also welcome foreign students for internships.

Yes, Trainers' House provides internship offers for our employees. However, we do not only provide short time internship, but are always looking to build a longer lasting employer and employee relationships.


Employees: 120

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

You will work as a sales and marketing support for our customers. You will help our customers by arranging B2B meetings, ensuring the quality of their sales, or activating their current customers via phone. You will learn the sales and marketing in business-to-business in different industries, negotiate with different decision-makers and you will receive coaching, which will increase your earnings in the future. Also, you might find potential next steps in your career by project management, assisting consultant or team leader positions. You also receive an opportunity to apply for our office in Torrevieja, Spain


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