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Company values

Three core values of Uus Maa: 1. We exceed customer expectations, 2. People are our greatest asset, 3. Teamwork is our strength and unity.

Our team is a family, we are more than colleagues. The family stays together both in good and bad, helps and supports. The family is understanding, tolerant and accepting. That's why we choose people for our team very carefully. We like positivity, friendliness, desire to develop, ambition and loyalty, and our employees need to be well compensated for their contribution. 

We help our clients make the right and beneficial decisions in real estate matters. We advise the client professionally throughout the entire buying and selling process, ensure reliable information and act according to the goals set by the client. 

Our vision

We are developing into the most influential real estate agency in the markets, where we operate. Uus Maa's services are friendly, simple and convenient, we maintain a high level of professionalism, ensuring the interests of employees and owners.


UUS MAA’s team is committed to exceeding the expectations of clients who appreciate professional service.


Uus Maa is the largest and most reliable real estate agency in Estonia, with branches in all major Estonian cities and also in Marbella on the Spanish Sun Coast.

Uus Maa has won the first place in the annual ranking of successful real estate agencies prepared by Äripäev and has been selected as the best real estate company in Estonia by the international financial magazine EUROMONEY. 

The largest number of experts who have received the recognition of "Estonian Broker of the Year" operate under the Uus Maa brand. Uus Maa employs a total of 255 individuals, of which 200 are real estate agents and 28 real estate appraisers. 

22 offices and franchise companies across Estonia operate under the Uus Maa brand. In addition, we have affiliated companies Uus Maa Ärikinnisvara, Uus Maa Invest and Uus Maa Haldus. We already have more than 30 years of experience and the trust of our customers in real estate brokerage, evaluation, management, consulting and investment. 

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

The Uus Maa real estate office always welcomes progressive and ambitious students (both for work and internships) who are attracted by the world of real estate and what is happening around it. 

If you want to be the master of your time and develop into an entrepreneur, you can learn from the best in your field with us. In Uus Maa, there is a unique and strong training system (Käivituskool) in Estonia that trains a starting broker to become a professional and successful broker. 

We offer the student:

• work and/or internship experience in a leading real estate agency in Estonia;

• a complete training and development program;

• mentors with long-term experience;

• professional advisor/coach with a personal approach;

• the possibility to plan your own time;

• unlimited earning potential;

• effective self-marketing tools;

• moving, varied and challenging work;

• professional, caring and supportive colleagues;

• a first-class office in the dignified high-rise building of the Maakri quarter in the heart of Tallinn (we are also waiting to apply to our offices elsewhere in Estonia);

• lively joint events, trainings, self-employed discounts, UUS MAA hobby and sports club events, etc.


Aadress: Maakri 19/1, Tallinn

Koduleht: https://uusmaa.ee/

Tiktok: @uusmaa_realestate

Instagram: @minu_uusmaa/

Meil: olenparim@uusmaa.ee

Telefon: 56 279 944