Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service

Main area: security

Other areas: National defence, Infotechnology, Telecommunications, Law


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Company values

  • Dedication
  • Nutikus
  • Tõhusus
  • Meeskondlikkus


The Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service is the front line of Estonian National Defence. Through timely and securely handled intelligence information, we ensure that Estonia is protected from external security threats.


A 32-year-old organisation whose nine public threat assessments of Estonia in the international security environment can be read here (in Estonian):

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

There is no equivalent job in Estonia both in terms of tasks and in terms of the uniqueness of the technology used for work. We offer challenges to people from a wide range of disciplines. Are you an IT expert, interested in cyber security or do you like to process large amounts of data?

We are looking for people who are loyal to their country and do their work with passion, who are aware of the development of their field and are active innovators. Showing initiative and taking prudent risks will help to achieve our goal – to collect information important for ensuring Estonia's security.

Employees are our most important asset. We support the development of our people with world-class training, reward work worthily and keep motivation high with unique tasks and a supportive work environment. Here you can work with top players from other parts of the world.

The Foreign Intelligence Service is not a usual job. A lot is classified from the public, which is why a person wishing to work must be prepared for a background check of an applicant for a state secret permit, i.e. a security check. You cannot take work home with you, which certainly contributes to maintaining a work - life balance.


Home page: