Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Other areas: security


Islandi väljak 1, 15049 Tallinn

Company values


We dare to do, say, be and take responsibility. We stand resolutely for the right and the just.


We notice, recognize and support. We value people.


We think creatively and act competently


We stand with dignity and determination for Estonia


The mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to protect the security, well-being and interests of the Estonian state and people in the world.

Why should students come to your company for an internship or work?

We offer the opportunity to contribute to Estonia's foreign and security policy, promote diplomatic relations with other countries, and represent Estonia in foreign relations around the world.

We can recruit foreign students for non-diplomatic positions.

Our vision

Estonia is a globally influential advocate for a just world order.

Estonia's foreign policy keeps Europe and Estonia as part of Europe.

Estonian society supports Estonian foreign policy and trusts its designers.

People want to come Estonian foreign service and stay.


Islandi väljak 1, 15049 Tallinn